A peek at some new works in "Rediscovering Rochester"

Finished Paintings

High Falls 

A composite of different views, trying to evoke late afternoon lighting with some key skyline buildings iin the background.

Times Square Building at Sunset

The Art Deco lines of this building are really amazing. Setting this view of the wings at the top invites you to take a closer look.

Kodak in the Background

My first full time  job was at Kodak. The company is a shadow of its former self, so it earns a faded place in the background across the pedestrian bridge to Silver Stadium.

Genesee Brewery

Who would have thought that Cream Ale would be "hip" and that a visit to this brewery is now a must-see on tourist maps?

Works in Progress

Jines Restaurant on Park Avenue

This restaurant has been service diners on Park Avenue since the 70s. It's not Paris, but it feels iinviting all the same.

Carousel Lion 

It's hard NOT to be inspired by the incredible animal carvings of the Dentsel Carousel at Ontario Beach Park. I'm planning a few of these using different animals. Stay tuned.

Canandaigua Boat Houses

These boat houses have been photographed and painted hundreds of times. I'lm hoping to bring something new to this view. Not quite finished yet.

Carousel Giraffe and Pig

This painting will be th second one in the Carousel series. This is a sketch for the view.


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